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At M&M Accounts, we have been helping our customers for over 10 years not only with regard to widely understood accounting, but with tax-oriented matters as well. We have gathered our team in such a way for its representatives to be able to help even the most demanding entrepreneur by providing him or her not only with basic accounting-related services, but also – by performing undertakings aiming at company’s rapid development.

Vast experience and individual approach to every single customer are our major distinctive features. We are fully aware of how important efficient management is for each and every business entity, including a properly stored and processed accounting records, properly calculated taxes, and constant access to financial data. For us, the most crucial thing is the satisfaction of and benefits achieved by our customers.

M&M Professionalism

Our team incorporates individuals who are remarkably experienced and willing to develop further in such fields as accounting, as well as human resources and payments management. They are also constantly increasing their qualifications. Individuals employed in our company are holders of such certificates and diplomas as:

    • Accounting Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finances,
    • Attestation of obtaining a positive result of commercial accounting exams,  
    • Diplomas confirming the completion of professional courses organized by the Polish Accountants’ Association,
    • Diplomas confirming passing professional accounting-oriented exams organized by the Polish Accountants’ Association.Diplomas confirming passing professional accounting-oriented exams organized by the Polish Accountants’ Association.


M&M Safety

Digital data we are entrusted with are secured on our servers, which are constantly administered and managed by a professional partner ensuring the full security of all possible data sent by clients. Additionally, regular backups are also performed to increase the overall safety level.  

Our company has also introduced protection policies and procedures, which allow for preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing confidential pieces of information.
It also has to be stated at this point that we have purchased  accounting services provision liability insurance, which secures the interests of our Clients. 


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